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« Back Post Date: Thursday, September 20, 2007
July 2007 Updates
29 New Enhancements in the month of July.

New Websites

The Falls Country Club
Lake Worth, FL

Indian Ridge Country Club
Palm Desert, CA

Concord Country Club
Concordville, PA

Luna Palace Hotel and Suites
Mazatlan Sinaloa, Mexico

Universal Vacation Club
San Diego, CA

Corral de Tierra Country Club
Corral de Tierra, CA

The President Country Club
West Palm Beach, FL

Dallas National Golf Club
Dallas, TX

July 2007 Updates

There were 29 new enhancements in the Month of July. After getting some feedback from clients, we have tried to explain the enhancements in more detail, and gave examples when necessary.  Below is a summary of some of the enhancements made during the month of July. Please contact your account manager if you have any questions regarding the enhancements.

Features and Enhancements

Document Upload     

  • Changed the default setting on the Document Upload tool so that newly uploaded files are secure.  A secure document is a document that is only viewable on the member's only website, so members have to log into the website to view the document.  If you want members to view the document without having to log in, simply uncheck the secure checkbox before you upload the document.

Event Manager

  • Mail merge Snippets for Reservation Number, and Total Party Size were added for custom e mail notifications.
  • Time Zone options have been added for registration start/end time.


  • Clients can now send out SMS (text messaging) from the website.  Text messages are limited to 160 characters, and members must first sign up for the service to receive text messages.  To turn on SMS messaging, first go to the directory, then click on the settings tab.  Click the checkbox next to "Enable SMS Input," then save the profile settings.
  • The compose page of the Inbox has been updated with tabs for HTML (graphic e mail) Plain Text and SMS text messaging.  By clicking on the tabs, a preview of the e mail will display below.

Static Groups

  • Created a new user friendly interface for adding members/staff to static groups.  The new interface incorporates Clubessential's new Member Selector. Simply click on a member's name, and they will automatically be added to the group. To remove members from the group, click on their names, and they will be removed. 
  • Clients can now export group information into a spreadsheet.  The export will show all of the members associated with the group.
  • Members can now view all of the members of a group, or invite their friends to join a group.  Both are options under "Edit Group Info."  When enabled, these options will allow other members to see who is in an opt-in group, and invite other members to join the group.  These options will appear both on the member's MyProfile page, and any opt-in groups plugins.


  • Clubs now have the option to automatically send an e mail to a member when a website administrator updates the member's profile.  The automatic e mail can be used as a confirmation that their information was updated, and that the information is correct.
  • Added yet another way to display member's information in the Roster.  Clubs can now display "Primary only," displaying only the primary member's information for main listing page.  To make this change, website administrators will have to contact their account manager.
  • A new section has been added to the profile page when viewed by a website administrator.  The "Included Groups" section displays what groups members are in, as well as an easy way to add members to appropriate groups.


  • Released Role Security Manager. Currently supports personalized administrative security levels for NetCaddy Tee Times but will be expanded to other areas of the web site in the coming months. Role Security Manager will eventually allow clubs greater flexibility on user/administrative rights based on individual users, groups, or dynamic groups in hierarchical context.   

Add on Product Enhancements


  • FormBase users can now customize the subject in both User and Admin emails.

NetCaddy Tee Times           

  • Added printer friendly version of interactive tee sheet.
  • Modified the message to members when the tee time requested is not available due to club restrictions.  The message now provides a detailed explanation for why the tee time requests were denied.

For example: If a member books a tee time with his friend, John Smith, and John has already played his allotted number of rounds, then the member will be alerted that his tee time request has been denied due to John already playing his allotted number of rounds.

Administrators have the ability to override any rule violation at their discretion.

  • NetCaddy users now have the ability to display event information from the calendar on the tee sheet.  This increases the visibility of the event, increasing the likelihood that more members will sign up for the event.
  • Club administrators can now fill in past reservations. So if a club had openings in their tee sheet, and the times were filled by walk ups, administrators can fill in the walk up's information.   
  • Clubs can now integrate bag reports and other daily course operations documents into their online tee sheet system.


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