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« Back Post Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Clubessential Announces Strategic Marketing Group
New consulting team allows clubs to outsource content management and other aspects of Internet communication.

Clubessential Announces Strategic Marketing Group
By Dr. William D. Ivers

In early 2005, Clubessential completed a 2.5 year project to rewrite its entire product line using the newest technology available for the Internet.  The architecture of Clubessential’s products was redesigned to support unlimited graphics, advanced search engine optimization and rapid development of new enhancements.  Almost immediately, Clubessential launched its new Studio Design Group (which today includes five senior artists skilled with electronic media) to take advantage of the new technology.  By the start of 2007, 212 Clubessential clients were using new “Designer Websites.”

With this new technology and artistry, it is now possible to create beautiful websites that impart an impression of quality and sophistication.  However, for some clubs this new capability presents a new problem – either no staff member is available with the required marketing and technical skills, or, for more complex clubs, the extent of the work exceeds the capacity of the staff.  For just such situations, Clubessential launched the Strategic Marketing Group in late 2006. Club management can outsource part or all their Internet marketing tasks to the Strategic Market Group consultants, who are skilled at membership marketing, event planning, advertising, and of course the optimum use of the Clubessential Internet tools.

The Strategic Marketing Group offers three standard services:

  • Communication Management – This involves the planning and organization of communication to members by way of email and the website.
  • Content Management – Content provided by the club is carefully formatted to create beautiful emails, web pages and event notices.
  • Initial Content Loading – When a new website is built or an older design updated, the Strategic Design Group can perform the initial formatting for the entire site, making the transition much easier.
  • Electronic or Print newsletter design/layout.
  • Landing Page Design and Upkeep – Landing Pages (which resemble the front page of the Wall Street Journal) are typically used to take advantage of the traffic generated by newsletter postings, statement review, event registrations and tee time reservations.

In other situations, the Strategic Marketing Group can create a custom quotation to meet the special needs of a particular client.

For further information, contact Adam Nessler at: (513) 322-4190.

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