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« Back Post Date: Tuesday, September 05, 2006
September 2006 - NorthStar Interface Released
Includes Online Member Statements, Online Member Payments and RosterSync.


Clubessential Interface To NorthStar Released

Recently a number of Clubessential clients have installed the NorthStar member billing system, including such prestigious clubs as Oakmont Country Club, [a club that requested no public mention]and Wee Burn Country Club.  When Clubessential approached NorthStar about building an interface between our product lines, we were pleased to discover that NorthStar’s modern architecture is completely database driven, making such interfaces easy to build, and further that NorthStar’s approach to other vendors is the same as Clubessential’s: we believe in Open Systems, where clients have the freedom to choose whatever combination of products best suits their needs.   Clubessential and NorthStar collaborated to produce interfaces that support three Clubessential modules:

  1. NorthStar users can now install Clubessential’s RosterSync product to keep the accounting data synchronized with their online website marketing database.  RosterSync includes the ability to convert raw accounting data into member-facing information (for example, converting a “1” code into “Social Member”).
  2. NorthStar users can also display their member statements using the Clubessential Online Member Statements system.  The graphics of the statements can be customized to match the branding of the website and can even take on special appearances to match the season.  Users can view and print chit level detail including the exact items purchased.  The system supports multiple accounts per member, multiple POS system input, and mid-month closing.  Clubs can decide which fields to display in the statements and how they appear and are titled.
  3. Online Member Payments is also available to NorthStar customers.  This allows members to pay their bills by clicking a button. The transfer is made from the member’s checking account directly to the club’s account by CheckFree, the largest cash transaction company.  It is easy and secure, and since many members will already be familiar with CheckFree, participation will be high.  Clubs will receive transaction reports that can be directly submitted to the NorthStar database.

Clubessential now supports interfaces to 14 member billing systems from 8 vendors.  For more information on NorthStar, visit their website at:

455 Delta Ave  · Floor 4  · Cincinnati, OH 45226  ·  800 - 448 - 1475