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Wildcat Run Golf and Country Club Launches Fresh Online Presence
We recently caught up with Sara Seidler James from Wildcat Run Golf and Country Club, to discuss their recently launched web presence.


Wildcat Run Golf and Country Club, a distinguished gated community in Estero, Florida, recently engaged Clubessential to guide the development of a new online and mobile presence. Our team partnered with the Wildcat Run team to create fresh web and mobile communication channels, built upon Clubessential's interactive communications platform.


Agency Custom Website Design
RosterSync Integration
Online Statements
Online Payments
Mobile Services
Online Dining Reservations

We recently caught up with Sara Seidler James, Director of Membership Sales, Marketing and Communications at Wildcat Run, to ask her a few questions regarding her Club's partnership with Clubessential.
Why did Wildcat Run Golf and Country Club decide to partner with Clubessential to build a new online presence?

I worked with Clubessential previously over the years on a redesign when I was working for another Golf Club. That experience was creative and seamless so I knew that we were in trusted hands as we worked through the design for Wildcat Run Golf and Country Club’s site.

What features/products/services are you most excited about using?

The online dining reservation system is a service that I had not used previously. We are familiar with accepting reservations for our major Club events online but we had not yet made that transition to dining reservations. Within just two weeks of launching our new CE's website, more than 50% of our members were utilizing that convenience. We also love the accessibility that our membership has with CE’s mobile services. Our members can make dining and event reservations, check the Club events calendar, and access the member directory from their mobile phone. Ease on the go!

What impact do you think these tools will have on your marketing and communication efforts?

Our former site was visually unappealing with outdated content and photographs. The functionality was limited making the site difficult to use for both our employees and our membership. In the first 2 weeks since our launch, I saw an eighty percent increase in membership inquiries. The aesthetic and navigation improvements have increased traffic to our site dramatically. The feedback from our membership has been universally positive and enthusiastic.

What did you like best about working with the Clubessential team during the implementation?

The project management team at CE is creative and reliable, which are two important qualities when you are undertaking a design “makeover” and site conversion on a tight deadline.

Anything else you'd like to add?

In the past two years I worked with the same Project Manager at CE for the site redesign and conversion that I had been tasked with by the two Clubs for whom I had been in charge of communications. She is among the biggest creative talents that I have ever had the pleasure to partner with. I just wish I had more projects to assign CE!

The new site, designed by CE, has already delivered what we had been promised. An engaging and functional destination for both our current membership and prospective members as well. The increased membership inquiries validates our faith in CE and all of the hard work by our Club team. Thank you Clubessential!

If you would like to find out more about how Clubessential can improve your club's web presence, please contact us to request a demo with a Clubessential representative, or call Bill Ivers Jr. at 513.322.4202.