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« Back Post Date: Thursday, June 05, 2014, 1:00 PM
Silverado Resort & Country Club Unveils New Online Presence
Clubessential is excited to announce the launch of a redesigned website for longtime client Silverado Resort and Country Club in Napa, California.

Clubessential is excited to announce the launch of a redesigned website for longtime client Silverado Resort and Country Club in Napa, California.

Owner Johnny Miller and his team have turned this beautiful slice of the Napa Valley into a golf, spa, dining, and entertainment destination for thousands of guests and members.

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While the in-person experience at Silverado has maintained its vibrancy, their website had grown outdated and was in need of an upgrade.

"We needed to improve multiple aspects of Silverado Resort and Country Club’s online presence,” said Board Member, Gary Campbell. “The public side of the website, which we use as a marketing tool, and the private members’ side, both needed to be overhauled and made more visually appealing.”

Clubessential consulted with the Silverado Team, listened to their needs, and offered recommendations regarding user-experience design, content layout and navigation structure. The collaborative approach proved to be successful, as both guests and members took to the new website immediately.

“I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from members regarding how the new website is cleaner and easier to navigate than the previous design, which had grown too busy,” said Gary. “I really like the new user experience that the Clubessential designers have created. New interactive functionality presents information to members in a visually pleasing manner that stays consistent with the overall design."

“I really like the new user experience that the Clubessential designers have created."
Gary Campbell, Board Member at Silverado

The enhanced layout of the member home page allows Gary to grab members’ attention through imagery and calls-to-action, thus increasing their awareness of activities and driving higher levels of participation at the Club.

“I like the interactive member home page which allows me to display rotating promotions for upcoming events. I can add ‘Click to Register’ links that go directly to the calendar, where members can easily register.” added Gary.

The public-facing side of the website has a fresh new look-and-feel that will help Silverado with their marketing efforts. “We now have a state-of-the-art home page which maximizes the marketing of new memberships,” said Gary. “There is an engaging video on the home page which tells the Silverado story, and serves as a great visual representation of our facilities, and the overall lifestyle experienced at our Club.”

Clubessential’s designers also elevated Silverado’s mobile web presence, capturing more engagement from on-the-go members.

“In addition to overhauling the main website, one of my goals was to drive up mobile traffic,” said Gary. “Clubessential did a great job launching mobile services in unison with the new desktop website. I explained to members how easy it was to put the mobile website’s icon on their smartphones so they could interact with us anytime, anywhere.”

Overall the project was a success, from planning, to build-out, to launch and beyond.

Gary summed up the experience up by saying: “I knew Clubessential would do a good job, because I have observed their work in the past, and was impressed,” added Gary. “We’re a year-round operation with no downtime, which can make a project like redesigning our website a monumental challenge, but the Clubessential Team made things easy for us. Partnering with Clubessential was, and continues to be, a really great experience.”


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