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Introducing the Axis Editor 4.0: Website Editing Made Even Easier
We are pleased to announce the release of the Axis Editor 4.0 to all Clubessential clients. Read on to find out how we improved the editor.

Clubessential is pleased to announce the release of the Axis Editor 4.0 to all Clubessential clients.

After collecting and acting upon suggestions from over 1,000 clients, the administrative tools have been refined and polished, to simplify online member communication efforts.

Some of the new features and advances include:

Permission-based Editing and Publishing Hierarchy

The new permission-based editing feature is on a per-editable area basis, giving website administrators the ability to assign editing and publishing permissions to whomever they please, even to a member! For example, an administrator can now allow the member responsible for the “Ladies 9-Hole” golf group to publish updates to a specific section of the “Ladies Golf” page. In addition, the administrator can allow these updates to publish immediately or require that the administrator has the opportunity to review the updates before they are published. In the case where approval is required, the administrator will receive an email notice indicating a publication is pending approval.

Photo Editing

A feature-rich photo editing tool kit has been built right into the Editor, which allows administrators to conveniently edit, enhance, and insert images into web pages. You can even add text-overlays, allowing you to add fun captions to your Fourth of July photos!

External Video Embedding

Website administrators can insert external videos from sources such as YouTube or Vimeo directly into the Editor, further engaging members via a multimedia approach.

Refined Template Manager

The refined template manager is better organized and gives administrators access to an ever-growing catalog of pre-designed, themed templates that can be easily personalized and branded with the client’s logo. The pre-designed templates also include placeholders for cross-marketing.

Categorized Toolbar

The new toolbar offers quick access to groups of complementary editing tools, listed within categorized drop-down menus, alongside icons signifying each tools’ functionality.

These new features were added to the Axis Editor’s already robust and industry-leading editing tools including:


  • Advanced editing functionality allowing for quick content updates that are viewable in real-time, or on the same page that is being updated

  • A thumbnail image library, with easy to use tools for batch uploading and categorizing hundreds of photos in minutes

  • The ability to associate text and links with individual photos, allowing for the display of images with a call-to-action link on the image (e.g., “Click Here to register for...”)

To see how you can get started using the industry’s most user-friendly content management tools, Click Here to request a demo or call Bill Ivers Jr. at 513.322.4202.