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Client Spotlight - Wycliffe Golf & Country Club
Cheryl Loder, from the Wycliffe Golf & Country Club, sits down for a Q&A with Clubessential regarding why Wycliffe chose to partner with Clubessential.


Late last year, the Wycliffe Golf & Country Club in Florida decided to partner with Clubessential to upgrade their online presence. We recently spoke with Cheryl Loder, the Director of Administrative Services at Wycliffe regarding why they made the decision to work with Clubessential, and how the new website has impacted the Club.



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Q: Why did you choose Clubessential to create a new web presence for Wycliffe Golf & Country Club?

A: A year prior to switching to Clubessential, we updated our website but still felt it wasn’t up to the standard that we had envisioned; plus we realized we did not have any search engine visibility because the website was poorly optimized for the search engines. We needed to make a change, so we began reviewing other options. After researching several companies, Clubessential stood out as the best choice to build an updated web presence which members would love to use, and would help establish the strong Internet presence we needed – while at the same time integrating with our back-office accounting system.

The Clubhouse went through a $24 million renovation and it was important to portray that renovation in our new web presence and through updated technology. This led us to Clubessential’s technology offering, which included mobile services. In fact, we were one of the first Clubessential clients to invest in a public mobile website. Our hopes were to have potential members find us through whatever search methods they were accessing on the Internet (through a mobile device or PC) .

Q: What goals did you have for the new website?

A: Through the website, we wanted to offer our members the convenience that they have come to expect through their other interactions online (e.g., flight-bookings, online banking, etc.). Clubessential offers a plethora of on-line services which extend the services offered by the Club online. Our members enjoy these time-saving conveniences, such as guest passes, reservations and an interactive calendar – both at home and on the go. We have had several members purchase a smart phone so they could book their tee times while they were out with their friends.

Q: What has been the best feature of the website?

A: The very best feature in regards to the membership is the ability to cross-promote events in almost every area of Clubessential’s technology. By doing so, we’re able to increase our members’ awareness of other Club activities and events that otherwise may not have been on their radar.

Q: What has been the best part about working with the people at Clubessential?

A: Working with Clubessential’s design and implementation teams was a very positive experience. We didn’t realize that we were going from “beer to champagne” in what Clubessential has to offer versus our prior website company. Clubessential’s staff was always helpful in educating us in all they have to offer. Our transition was smooth and the back of the house maintenance is easy to use. We are continuing our education to take advantage of all that Clubessential has to offer our members.

Q: What have been the results of the new website?

A: We have heightened our online presence and identity for potential members. Inquires for membership at Wycliffe, along with activity reservations and guest passes have all increased each month since we have partnered with Clubessential.

We would definitely recommend Clubessential to other private clubs; and in fact, we just did so in a question that recently came from other members of the Professional Club Marketing Association (PCMA).

If you would like to find out more about how the Clubessential Design Agency can improve your club's web presence, please contact us to request a demo with a Clubessential representative, or call Bill Ivers Jr. at 513.322.4202.