Introducing ClubLife   

ClubLife allows members to interactively share experiences, photos and historical items via the club’s private website. With ClubLife, members gain a sense of club community through interactive tagging, liking and commenting on photos. Best of all, ClubLife has many security options available allowing complete control by the Club.

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featured photo albums on Clublife home page allow members to relive past events  

You can determine which albums or photos display to your members on the ClubLife home page, thus allowing you to draw attention to specific past events. Have 57 photos from the Fourth of July Event, which members would love to view and comment on? Then the ClubLife home page is the ideal venue to display that album.

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photo interactivity builds sense of community amongst members

Allowing members to "tag", "like", and comment on other members' photos (as well as their own) is a fun way to build an online club community which feels connected whether or not they're at the club.

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putting a name to a face makes members feel more connected

Members can "tag" photos with the names of the people that appear in those photos. And better yet, when the name tag is clicked upon, members will be taken to a page displaying all of the photos in which that specific member was also tagged.

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notification emails double as a marketing channel to promote club events

When a photo is tagged, liked, or commented upon, the tagged members are alerted and directed to the website to view the photo. Your club can capitalize on the high open-rate of these emails by placing cross-marketing announcements of upcoming club events on the emails. (You can link the announcements right to the event flyers on the calendar.)

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Club staffs control the security of Clublife, thus minimizing unruly online behavior

Security settings allow the club's staff to control how members interact with ClubLife. Website admins can monitor all activity (i.e., photo uploads, comments, etc.) before anything is posted to the website... or they can give members the benefit of the doubt and allow them to interact as they please, only stepping in to police activity when photos or comments have been flagged as inappropriate.

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members have their own "my albums" page which is viewable by other members

Members can upload and share their photos within their own "My Albums" section of ClubLife. And it's a breeze for members to search and view each other's albums.

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